Kylah Lindgren

Kylah Lindgren- Simply Grazin Farm Operations Equine Specialist

Kylah has been working at Simply Grazin’ for a year now. She is from Fort Ann, NY and says she always wanted a job working on a farm with horses. She operates or NY horse barn and some of her jobs include exercising the horses, feeding, turning out, and making sure vet appointments and ferrier appointments are scheduled and followed through.

Kylah has basic first aid knowledge when it comes to horses, so when and if something is wrong Kylah is able to identify, treat, and give the horses the special care that they need to get better. Her main goal is to keep the horses happy and healthy!

Here at Simply Grazin’ we move our cattle from pasture to pasture with the horses, when this needs to be done, Kylah makes sure all the horses are tacked up properly and ready to go. Kylah also helps our NY e Beef Crew whenever help is needed.