Weighing in!

Weighing cattle for health check up at Simply Grazin' farms

Morning weigh in and health check for our cattle.

Maintaining healthy and happy animals on the farm is critical to our operation, so it is important for us to regularily check the weight and health status of each of our cattle. We use a StrongHold cattle chute system and as we move each cattle through we check EID tags, log weights and check pregnancy status. 

Our weighing scales help us monitor the health of our animals, and by doing so regularly we can detect if there is any sudden weight loss, which can mean a health conidition and allow us to get the veternarian to visit and provide treatment right away.

Keeping a check on the health of animals at different stages of their growth also helps us identify optimal breeding times, determine if they need an increase in the nutrients in their diet, or if they are received the right food proportions, it helps in picking the proper weaning time for our calves, and tells us the breeding performance of our heifers and bulls on the farm.