Simply Grazin’ keeps growing and conserving

sky over VA farm

IN THE NEWS- from ASA: When you run an organic farm with operations and land spanning 2,100 owned- and 5,900 rented-acres across three states, you’re always on the lookout for ways to increase efficiency while preserving the integrity of the land. 

For Mark Faille of Simply Grazin’, a conservation easement from ASA is clearing a path to do just that at their Washington County location.   

The premier-producer of grass-fed and grass-finished beef on the East Coast, Simply Grazin’ operates farms in New Jersey, Virginia and New York and has a conservation history with ASA dating back to 2000.

“This is our third easement with ASA,” says Faille. “Like the first two, the first priority is protecting the land from future development. But unlike those where the conserved acreage is used for grazing, this one will house a new feeding facility. We’re currently in the process of disassembling a few old buildings on the site and reclaiming the wood. When finished, the new structure will expand our feeding capacity and allow for feeding to happen closer to the grazing area. This will streamline our operation and cut our fuel and operating costs.”

He adds, “As always, ASA has been ready with solutions and made it easy for me to do right by our farm, community and the land we all value.”