Spring is on the way…

pigs happy in mud holes at our Lacrosse, VA farm

Last Sunday, we adjusted the clocks for Daylight Saving and this Sunday will be the first official day of Spring! That means the days are warmer and longer, and all the snow has melted away.

Spring on the farm means there will soon be many more baby animals to look after. Calving season has already started on our Virginia farm, with our first calf of 2022 born over the first weekend in March. Be on the look out for posts of our new Spring babies, as there are soon to be many!!

The melting snow and the “April Showers to bring May flowers” also makes Spring the MUDDY SEASON!

The pigs are the one animal around the farms that are happy about the mud! Pigs like to roll and dig in mud. This is called wallowing. Pigs cannot sweat the way that people do. Rolling in mud helps keep them cooler. Even on cool days, wallowing makes pigs happy! 

How about you? Do you like to jump in mud puddles?