Farrowing Facility Update

Fort Edward, NY farm farrowing facility for SImply Grazin' farms

Currently, our Fort Edward NY farm Farrowing Facility has about 150 feeder pigs. Feeder pigs are well-started young piglets that have been weaned and are eating a grower feed ration. We have three groups of piglets still with their mothers. And, there are nine sows in farrowing pens with more coming in as they start showing signs of bagging. Prior to farrowing, a pig’s teats appear as two lines of nipples stretched tightly along her belly, but they change starting two days prior to delivery, becoming taut. The hog’s teats will “bag up” which means they swell with milk. Bagging happens 12 to 24 hours before delivery.

nursing piglet


feeder pigs at Simply Grazin' Fort Edward, NY farm