Winter Field Management

manure spreading

Our Field Management team recently spread manure to fertilize our fields and pastures throughout our New York farm fields. This method helps keep alternative fertilizing costs down and helps maximize pasture production.

We have a year round field management program that monitors and enhances our forage and pasture lands. Simply Grazin’ farms in New Jersey, New York and Virginia with over 4,000 farm acres in total.

We believe in raising and feeding our livestock as nature intended. Free to roam on naturally managed fields and pastures without the use of pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers.

Through proper field management, we are able to expose our livestock to the highest level of animal welfare. Clover, rye, alfalfa, millet, and sorghum sudan and orchard grasses are the staple forages of our livestock nutrition program. When the fields are ready to cut, we then go through the process of cutting, raking, baling, and then wrapping high moisture forages. This baleage is then fed to our livestock during the colder months when the pastures are no longer green.

manure spread throughout Simply Grazin' fields