Nice to MEAT you!!

SImply Grazin' steaks sold at Skillman Farm Market and Butcher Shop

WOW! Look at that marbling!! We love to show you our animals and how we care for them at our farms in NY, NJ and VA, but in this post we wanted to share with you some photos of our end products.

These photos come to us (and you) from the butcher at Skillman Farm Market and Butcher Shop (SFM), located at 1932 US Highway 206, Skillman, NJ. Not only do they only carry SImply Grazin’ meat products in their shop, their entire shop is filled with locally-sourced items (milk, vegetables, pasta, sauces, kombucha, cheeses, and more!), so you can feel great about everything you purchase and consume after shopping with them. SFM is a whole animal butcher shop, so you can find items there that you can’t typically find at the grocery store. Also, their butcher is happy to provide you with meats cut to your request. 

If you are within driving distance to SFM we highly recommend you make the trip! You won’t regret it.