Clover and Lucky

First year heifer and her surprise calf
Say hello to Lucky! and her mom, Clover. Clover is a first calf heifer, who wasn’t actually supposed to have a baby this year. Lucky was a surprise✨!!
Our typical calving season on our NY farm is between late April and July. So, not only was Lucky born outside of our typical season, she was born tiny (not even 30 lbs).
Momma and baby are staying together in our horse barn. This stay is to help keep Lucky warm, as the temperature on these early fall nights here in Upstate, NY have been dropping pretty low.
Clover and her calf, Lucky

Clover and her baby, Lucky- XOXO

Lucky was a surprise calf, birthed by first year heifer Clover

When you rest under where Mom’s snacking, you get a little food on you! LOL