Market ready

VA farm hogs being weighed

On Wednesday, September 8, 2021 our VA farm hogs were brought to the weighing station.

Many were market size and ready to go! 

VA farm hog being weighed

We raise pork at all of our locations. The pigs — including Mangalitsa, Berkshire, Duroc, and Landrace breeds, along with several other less common heritage varieties — live entirely outside except for the retrofitted barns they can move into, if they choose, during inclement weather.

Our pigs roam free, eating free choice and non-GMO feed. They have access to shade, shelter and wallowing holes at all times. There are no gestation crates and no farrowing crates. We use natural breeding and let the mothers raise their young in as natural an environment that we can provide.

Our current labels claims for pork are: free range/free roaming; no farrowing crates; no gestation crates; heritage breeds, no added antibiotics; vegetarian diet; no added hormones; raised on family farms; and product of the USA.

At Simply Grazin’, we believe allowing our hogs to roam on pastures provides a happy, healthy, and natural environment.