Continued progress at Farm 4

Farm 4 hoop barns

Simply Grazin’ Farm #4 , located in Fort Edward, NY, is one of our main Upstate NY locations for our farrowing program. We raise pigs at all of our locations.

Our pigs — including Mangalitsa, Berkshire, Duroc, and Landrace breeds, along with several other less common heritage varieties — live entirely outside except for the retrofitted barns they can move into, if they choose, during inclement weather.

Back in August 2020, we shared that demolition work had begun at Farm 4. Since then, we have been building new structures with the goal being to double the size of the farrowing facility that we presently have.

The new structures will house our breeding shed, our maternity pen, and our rehab pen, which is where we give our sows time off before they are bred again. And, we are hoping to have enough room available to create a nursery for all the weaned piglets. More planning is in the works and we will update as we go forward. 

Three of the new structures have been covered so far. Gates and watering lines will be installed soon. This is a very exciting time for the expansion of our pork program. 

Here are some photos of progress along the way:

Farm 4 in Fort Edward NY- new hoop barns at Simply Grazin' NY farm