Farm 4 Piglets

Piglet litters at Simply Grazin' Farm 4 in Fort Edward, NY

We raise hogs at all of our farm locations, however, Simply Grazin’ Farm #4 , located in Fort Edward, NY, is one of our main Upstate NY locations for our farrowing program.

For sows, the average litter size is 7.5 pigs, however it is not uncommon for a sow to have 12-14 pigs per litter. The gestation period of a sow (from the time she is bred until she farrows) is approximately 114 days.

Below are some photos of our most recent piglet litters. Also, several new structures are almost completed at our NY Farm #4. This is a very exciting time for the expansion of our pork program. We will be sharing photos of the completed work soon.