Clean and ethical food

Clean and ethical food

Our mission and passion at Simply Grazin’ farms is to raise clean and ethical food that you can be confident in when you feed your family.

We raise 100% grass-fed and finished beef and pasture-raised pork, poultry and lamb on our beautiful family-run farms located in New Jersey, New York and Virginia. We raise beef and pork at all farm locations. Our poultry is raised on the New York and New Jersey farms. And, our lamb is raised on the New York farms.

We believe in raising and feeding our livestock as nature intended. Free to roam on organically managed fields and pastures without the use of pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers. We have a year round field management program that monitors and enhances our forage and pasture land.

At Simply Grazin’ we pride ourselves as a custom livestock grower. We sell to high end retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Fresh Direct, Walden Local Meats, Skillman Farm Market and Butcher Shop along with several other high end butcher shops and restaurants.

With a full range of grass-fed beef and pasture raised pork products – from steaks to sausage and everything in between– along with our focus on innovation and the best care for our animals, Simply Grazin’ is the East Coast’s premier producer and wholesale distributor of 100% grass fed beef, and pasture raised pork and poultry. We also offer lamb, goat and rabbit.

Know your farmer, know your food!!