Winter preparations

Simply Grazin' Fort Ann farm office decorated for the holidays

Wood stacked, wreath hung, lights strung… and snow gently falling at our office in Fort Ann, NY. As the holidays approach and old man winter makes his way to us, our crew has been hard at work taking certain precautions to keep our farms running smoothly all through the winter season.  

From winter-proofing equipment and sporting the right cold weather gear in subzero temperatures to ensuring that our livestock are able to withstand the brutal cold, the preparations we take now help us throughout the next few months.

Running a successful farm takes dedication year round. There is a never-ending list of things to do on the farm, the list just has some changes with the season.

During the colder months the pastures are not growing any new greens, so we must keep a steady supply of baleage available for the herd. We also have to keep a fresh supply of water that isn’t frozen over! 

It’s important for animals to be able to have some shelter or windbreak to get out of the elements during winter. To keep our livestock safe in the winter, we ensure that they have adequate shelter in the fields.  Last January, we finished our winter feeding facility on County Route 17 in Fort Ann, NY. This facility gives our herd shelter from the elements and bunkers filled with fresh baleage. This September,  we had carports installed at our Virginia farms to provide shelter from the elements to our hogs. By having shelter ready for our animals when winter hits, we help minimize stress and ease the transition to colder weather.