New Grain Bin for pig feed in VA

12 ton grain bin to support feeder pigs at Simply Grazin' Baskerville, VA farm

A new 12 ton Sioux grain bin was installed at our Baskerville, VA farm to support feeder pigs. Bulk feed bins offer safe, dry feed storage. 

The management of feed stored in bulk bins is important for preventing pig feed from being contaminated by mold, insects and rodents. Of course, with grain stored on-farm, we can use it as needed throughout the year. Specifically, a large supply of stored grain can easily be used to feed our pigs as necessary. Because animal feed has a very short shelf-life, storing grain in bins for months and grinding it as needed is a cost-effective way to get fresh feed.

The bin was put together, lifted, centered and secured by Simply Grazin’ VA farm employees Alex, Vidal and Johnnie. Great job fellas!!