Simply Grazin’ Farm Dogs

Simply Grazin' dogs in field

Simply Grazin’ farm dogs don’t just make each day more enjoyable they are also a great helpers. From personal protection and faithful companionship, to helping guard and herd the livestock around here, man’s best friend isn’t just a pet.

The dogs on our farms don’t just belong to the farm owners either. Many of our employees bring their dogs to work, whether that work is done in the office, or out in the fields. When you love and care for animals the way we do, it only makes sense that the ones you let sleep inside your home also come to work with you.

Besides, studies show that having dogs in the workplace lowers stress and fosters increased communication among employees promoting a more unified workforce. In our experience, dogs promote positive interactions, increase productivity, relieve stress and they work for food!

Here are some photos of the Simply Grazin’ farm dogs: