Preparing for Winter

Simply Grazin' crew preparing the NY farm for Winter

Here on the farm we have been preparing for the upcoming Winter season. Recently, Phil, Sr. and Phil, Jr. cleared, cut, and split the downed trees from our NY farms. Then, members of our NY crew stacked the wood and will we be using it to heat the office this winter. Stacking wood was (from left to right) Heidi, Kriss, Danielle, Austin, and Sean.

Our Herd Manager, Kriss and her crew have also been checking on the herd and administering the Fall vaccine to our cattle. That’s a huge part of our process to ensure healthy, happy animals.


During the four seasons of farming – fall, winter, spring and summer – different tasks have to be done on the farm. At Simply Grazin’ our cattle are 100% grass fed and grass finished, but our farms are on the east coast and during the winter months the grass in the pastures does not grow. We spend all year working our field management program and preparing baleage, so that we are able to provide high quality forage throughout the colder weather months.