Beautiful Washington County, NY

Frosty morning sunrise over Simply Grazin' farm in Washington County, NY

All of the Simply Grazin’ New York farms are located in beautiful Washington County, NY. Nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks between Saratoga Springs and Lake George, Washington County is roughly a five hour drive from New York City, Boston, Montreal, Rochester and many other Northeast cities in the state.

If you are from the area, you know the beauty of Washington County, NY, especially throughout the four seasons.

When you are always working hard, sometimes you forget to stop and take in the astounding beauty, yet other days you can’t help but pause and take notice. As the Fall season makes itself known with colder temperatures and morning frost, looking around at the grazing animals in our pastures and the rolling hills in the background is a reminder that is such a blessing to be here, work the land here, and give our animals the best lives possible here.