Letter from Adele

letter sent from Adele Pursell of Hopewell, NJ

Mark Faille recently received the sweetest letter from Adele Pursell of Hopewell, NJ. Her letter was dated July 24, 2020 and reads as follows:

Hello Mark,

I just wanted to write and personally thank you for coming to do my fields, in your already crowded scheduled, I certainly appreciate it as I cannot afford to lose my farmland assessment. I also am very concerned about our environment and nature- too much is being lost due to development and chemicals and we must preserve it for our future generations, once it is gone it will be too late.

I would also like to express my thoughts on your son, Dylan. He spoke to me after completing the field work and explained the previous farmer never did anything per the water washed out trenches. Dylan said he would have to come, a little later, and disk the bottom 20% of the one lower field (due to the water erosion) and then he could plant hay. FYI, you probably remember Floyd Menchek- he did our fields for years, with hay, and did very well. After Floyd got sick we had someone else, that Floyd recommended. And the latest farmer has died, in his 60’s, from a heart attack, some I am so glad I found out about your company.

I would also like to mention your son DID keep in mind, per the COVID19 restrictions, and he did keep the proper social distancing and everything. You should be very proud of him, he is quite personable, a good worker and really does understand the aspects of good farming.

Thank you again and please stay safe in these troublesome times.

Adele A. Pursell

Adele, thank you so much for taking the time to pass along these kind words. We at Simply Grazin’ are pleased to be able to help out a neighbor as wonderful as you! And, kudos to Dylan for lending a helping hand and being a stand-up farmer!