Knowing where your food comes from

Simply Grazin' cattle enjoying the green pasture

At Simply Grazin’ we believe in the importance of knowing where your food comes from! And, we believe that how the animals are treated and cared for matters!

We raise 100% grass-fed and finished beef and pasture-raised porkpoultry and lamb on beautiful family-run farms located in New JerseyNew York and Virginia. We raise beef and pork at all farm locations. Our poultry is raised on the New York and New Jersey farms. 

We are committed and passionate about producing safe, healthy, and wholesome products for each of our customers.

Our current label claims for beef are: 100% grass-fed cattle; pasture raised cattle; raised without antibiotics; non-confined cattle; vegetarian diet; no added hormones; no ionospheres; and product of USA.

Our current labels claims for Pork are: free range/free roaming; no farrowing crates; no gestation crates; no added antibiotics; vegetarian diet; no added hormones; raised on family farms; and product of the USA.