Rooting and Wallowing

Rooting and wallowing pigs

Simply Grazin’ hogs are a true grazing animal that prefer open pastures, and access to dirt to root and wallow where they eat various grasses and vegetation. They are raised in large pastures where they exercise to their heart’s content and socialize with other hogs and people on the farm. The pigs love living outside where they get to run and play with access to forages and grasses to eat and root around in. They live entirely outside except for the retrofitted barns they can move into, if they choose, during inclement weather.

Rooting allows them to cool down by laying and coating themselves with dirt.

They are free of any hormones, steroids, antibiotics, growth stimulants, and chemicals of any kind. The result is a pure product that is safe, nutritious, and flavorful.



Rooting hogs in pasture Simply Grazin' hogs in pasture Pigs napping in mud and hay