Birthday Wish GRANTED

Carly enjoying her 10th Birthday at the farm

In early March (pre-Coronavirus crisis), Simply Grazin’ NY Farm’s office staff member Nichole Cortes’ daughter, Carly, asked to have her 10th birthday party on the farm.

Founder Mark Faille happily granted that birthday wish! And, our Herd Cattle and Horse Barn Manager, Kristen Florence helped out too! Kriss not only showed Carly and her guests the Simply Grazin’ horses and how to groom them, she even taught them how to saddle up and took them for a ride.

Below are some photos taken by Nichole during the party of Carly, her friends, Kriss and some of the Simply Grazin’ animals.

Carly- We love your enthusiasm for the farm and interest in taking care of farm animals. We hope that having your birthday party on the Simply Grazin’ farm made your 10th Birthday celebration one you and your friends will remember for years to come!! From all of us at Simply Grazin’ we hope you have an amazing 10th year!!