Mark Faille works directly with Momo Brothers

Mark Faille and Momo Brothers

Mark Faille works directly with Momo Brothers to find the perfect breed selection for their restaurant

The Terra Momo Restaurant Group reached out to Simply Grazin’ founder, Mark Faille, back in 1999 because they were looking for a specific grass-fed beef. Together they collaborated to find the perfect breed selection; a cross between the Piedmontese and Black Angus. The Momo brothers worked with Mark to bring this selection of grass-fed beef to the opening of their restaurant, Eno Terra in Kingston, NJ.

Years later (over 20 now), both companies still care deeply about the benefits that farm-to-table products offer and they are once again working together on enhancing the lives of all their customers and neighbors.

Enjoy this #throwback video where the Momo brothers, along with other employees from Eno Terrra Restaurant, discuss why they prefer to serve locally raised, 100% grass-fed beef including the health benefits and great taste. Mark Faille is also in the video as they discuss the importance of knowing your farmer and being able to see the animals on the farm- happy and healthy! Try not to drool as you watch the chef cook special cuts of meat from Simply Grazin’ over the wood fire grill and plate it for service!