And, They’re In!!

Cattle in feeding facility for the first time

Today’s was the day!! After months of work, we have moved over 200 cattle into our winter feeding facility on County Route 17 in Fort Ann, NY. We couldn’t be happier!!  It was a labor of love and we are so thrilled to see how happy the cattle are in this new facility. Our crew started off this very cold morning (7 degrees at 8am) setting gates and getting ready to weigh the cattle. As with most things around the farm it was a group effort.

It did warm up some as the day went on, and the sun was shining bright. Baleage was used to fill the feeding bunks before the the cattle were brought in. Clover, rye, alfalfa, millet, and sorghum sudan and orchard grasses are the staple forages of our livestock nutrition program. We fertilize our fields and pastures with manure for optimal production. When the fields are ready to cut, we then go through the process of cutting, raking, baling, and then wrapping high moisture forages which we use to feed the cattle in the winter months. This baleage is what is used to fill the feeding bunks at our new facility.

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