Simply Grazin' Organic Farm
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About Simply Grazin'® Farms

Simply Grazin'® Organic Farms established in 1995 and is owned by Mark & Lynne Faille.  We raise Organic and 100% Grass-Fed Beef, Organic and Pasture-Raised Pork, and Lamb.  Simply Grazin'® farms approximately 2,200 acres in the State of New Jersey, as well owns farms in NY and Virginia.  We also farm in Pennsylvania, which encompasses an additional 2,000 acres.  In 2016, we began farming 350 acres in Maryland.

Simply Grazin® is a custom contract grower for large retailers and food manufacturers.  We have the ability to raise various species, state or region specific.  Together with our slaughterhouse and packer, we can offer various packaging, and labeling options, as well as distribution.  Our current label claims are Beef are: 100% grass-fed cattle; pasture raised cattle; raised without antibiotics; non-confined cattle; vegetarian diet; no added hormones; no ionospheres; and product of USA.  Our current labels claims for Organic Pork are: free range/free roaming; no farrowing crates; no gestation crates; no added antibiotics; vegetarian diet; no added hormones; raised on family farms; and product of the USA.  Give us a call if you're looking for a LOCAL partner to customize a labeling, packaging and sourcing program for your store.

We have a year round field management program that monitors and enhances our forage and pasture land.  Through proper field management, we are able to expose our livestock to the highest level of animal welfare.  Clover, rye, alphalfa, millet, and sorghum sudan and orchard grasses are the staple forages of our livestock nutrition program.  We fertilize our fields and pastures with manure for optimal production.  When the fields are ready to cut, we then go through the process of cutting, raking, baling, and then wrapping high moisture forages.  (demonstration coming soon).

The cows/calves are fed baleage, which is any forage crop harvested and not dried.  It is ensiled in a plastic wrap.  This takes the place of silos, which are not available to us in NJ.  (We do have & utilize silos on our NY and VA farms.) By preserving the forage in this manner, it retains much more of its' nutrients and vitamins, thus passing it on to our livestock.  This method of feeding our beef animals is much more expensive, but it eliminates the need to feed them grain.  Besides alternating fields that we seed, we also alternate the fields for feeding the animals.  Constant rotation allows for maximizing field growth, cutting, and grazing.  This method also allows Simply Grazin'® to predict how much forage will be available to feed the animals throughout winter, and how much fresh cut forage will be available for the animals.  It is extremely important for the integrity of our product to personally grow, manage, and harvest the winter forages to promote solid growth and excellent health in our herd.  We currently raise the amount of hogs and beef cattle that we are contracted for.  Both of these markets could be expanded to meet any demand from additional retailers, as we have the infrastructure and resources to take on new partners.  We have aligned ourselves with J.W. Treuth Meats and Hoffman Meats, both in MD, where we are able to ship directly from these locations to most points on the East coast.  Simply Grazin'® has built many relationships in the past 21 years in the agricultural field with other slaughter plants, distribution companies and further processors.

Simply Grazin'® raises beef at all of our locations.  The breeds that we raise are Red Angus, Black Angus, Simmental, and Hereford.  Simply Grazin'® also raises pork at all of our locations.  We raise Berkshire, Duroc, and Landrace.  The hogs are raised on organic pasture with access to barns if there is inclement weather.  At Simply Grazin'®, we believe allowing them to roam on pastures provides a happy, healthy, and natural environment.  So if you're looking for a LOCAL partner, Simply Grazin'® has the experience, knowledge and resources to help grow your local market.

Our Fort Ann, NY farm is 400 acres.  This farm features a unique set-up for our sows and their piglets, which is the back bone of our gestation and farrowing crate free operation.  Once the sows are ready to give birth, they are moved indoors to an 8x8 stall where the mother can interact with her piglets, and then a smaller, well heated section attached to each stall where only the piglets can enter to sleep and stay warm on a radiant heated floor.  This smaller section helps reduce injury or death to piglets, which is one of the most challenging factors when farrowing without farrowing crates.

One of our Granville, NY locations is a 250 acre farm that serves as a grow out facility for our pork and also provides additional pasture for our cattle.  It's also an excellent resource for our winter forages.  Our 2nd Granville location is 140 acres and also provides much needed pasture, a grow out facility, and outbuildings that support our ever expanding agricultural operation in NY.

The wholesale side of Simply Grazin'® is a thriving business.  Simply Grazin'® sells to 31 Whole Foods stores, as well as other small retailers and restaurants.  We also sell to online retailers, such as Fresh Direct.  We also provide product to Natural Choice Farms and other food manufacturers and further processors.